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Female Facilities assigned to this mission area include:

The California Institution for Women serves as a hub institution for the selection and physical fitness training of female firefighters selected for conservation camp placement at the following camp:

Offender Camps

Male Facilities assigned to this mission area include:

Community Programs


Female Offender Programs and Services


The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) established the office of Female Offender Programs and Services, Special Housing (FOPS/SH) in July of 2005, within the Division of Adult Institutions. This office, which is a mission-based program, manages and provides oversight to all female programs, in addition to five designated male and female institutions, conservation camps, and community programs.

FOPS/SH developed a gender-responsive approach for female offenders in order to provide treatment and services increasing opportunities for successful reintegration into their communities while reducing the numbers of females incarcerated in California.

Mission Statement

The FOPS/SH Mission provides safe and secure housing for offenders with opportunities such as vocational and academic programs, substance abuse treatment self-help programs, arts in corrections, career technical education, pre-release guidance and self help groups for community betterment projects. Eligible female offenders are provided with pre-forestry and camp training. FOPS/SH is dedicated to the rehabilitation process for all offenders to include an environment with ethical institutional settings and offenders are treated with dignity and respect.

The FOPS/SH office will provide an environment where female offenders receive gender- responsive supervision, treatment, and services. This will increase opportunities for successful reintegration into their communities, reducing the number of females incarcerated while providing public safety to the people of California.


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