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Council on Mentally Ill Offenders (COMIO)
2014 Best Practices Awards

The Council on Mentally Ill Offenders (COMIO) has two informational documents that may be of interest to anyone wishing to apply for the upcoming 2014 award. 

  • Best Practices Timeline
  • Best Practices Guidelines
  • Best Practice Letter of Intent Form
  • Best Practices Dispute Form
  • The Council on Mentally Ill Offenders (COMIO) has designated two programs to receive a newly established Innovative and Promising Award instead of the 2014 Best Practices Award. The Innovative and Promising Awards were presented to The MOST (Maintaining Ongoing Stability through Treatment) Team of Santa Cruz County and the Hollywood 4WRD Program of the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance.

    Innovative and Promising Award Recipients

    The MOST Team of Santa Cruz County

    The MOST team is a Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) program that combines an evidence-based program of wrap around mental health services inclusive of case management, psychiatry, psychotherapy and employment skill development with additional supports specific to the criminal justice system involvement such as probation, court discharge planning and disposition, liaison relationships with law enforcement, and jail correctional staff. 


    Contact Information:

    Pam Rogers-Wyman, Program Manager

    Santa Cruz County Mental Health

        & Substance Abuse Services  

    1400 Emeline Ave., Bldg. K      

    Santa Cruz, CA 95060




    The Hollywood 4WRD Program of Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

    The Hollywood Property Owners Alliance manages the Hollywood Entertainment District Business Improvement District (BID) under contract to the city of Los Angeles. The Hollywood Entertainment District BID has taken the lead in Hollywood to bring agencies, nonprofits, the faith community, law enforcement, and businesses together to coalesce around the goal of ending homelessness. Instead of incarceration, Hollywood 4WRD has worked hard to identify the individuals who suffer from mental illness and then seek treatment or housing to move them from the streets by connecting them with the Department of State Hospitals, or in other cases, to connect them with involuntary conservatorship in order to stabilize them with regular treatment.

    Contact Information:


    Kerry Morrison, Executive Director

    Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

    1680 Vine Street, Suite 414

    Hollywood, CA 90028

    Phone:  323-463-6767