Exempt Exams

What is an exempt appointment?:

An “Exempt” appointment is one that is made by the Governor of California. These positions are not covered by civil service laws and rules and therefore are not subject to civil service requirements. An exempt employee serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

Who can apply for an exempt appointments?:

Qualified persons must complete and file an appointment application from the Office of the Governor. When an exempt recruitment announcement is issued by CDCR, candidates are instructed to submit a resume of qualifications and experience and three (3) professional references to CDCR, as instructed in the announcement.  Additionally, qualified persons must complete and file an appointment application with the Office of the Governor and may be obtained through the Governor's Office.

Exam Bulletins Final Filing Date
Superintendent, Ventura and N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facilities 12/02/2016
Director, Division of Adult Parole Operations 12/02/2016
Warden, Deuel Vocational Institutional 12/14/2016