Conservation (Fire) Camps

Parole Agents at a meeting

Facts and figures

Total Staff (CDCR) 2014: 8           
Total Staffing (Los Angeles County Fire)2014:  10
Total # Inmates (as of 10/28/2014): 90

Community service projects
Total # of estimated annual completed work service projects: 100,000man-hours

Project Descriptions:

1. Trail Maintenance/Hazard Reductions (U.S. Forest Service, State & County Parks/Facilities)

2. Site Beautifications (Palmdale High School Baseball/Softball Facilities, U.S. Forest Service, State and County Parks/Facilities)

3. Completed Museum for Leona Valley Historical Society

Welcome to Acton Conservation Camp #11

Camp 20 logo

8800 Soledad Canyon Road Acton, CA 93510
PH (661) 268-0113

Camp Staff (CDCR):

Lieutenant D. E. Foote, Camp Commander
Sergeant H. Valdivia, Assistant Camp Commander
C. Bell, Correctional Officer
J. Frey, Correctional Officer
S. Herrmann, Correctional Officer
R. Torrez, Correctional Officer
S. Uribe, Correctional Officer
F. Venegas, Correctional Officer

Camp History

Located in Los Angeles County and in part of the Angeles National Forest, Acton Conservation Camp or “Camp 11” was originally utilized as a “Road Camp” where workers lived responsible for the construction of the 14 Freeway.  The camp was later occupied by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department used to house County Inmates. 

In the early 1970’s the Los Angeles County Fire (LACO) Department moved into the camp, named “Camp 1” at that time.  “Camp 1” was used to house and train non-incarcerated Fire Control Laborers with four “Hand” Crews and one “Helitack” crew that responded to wild land/brush fire until the early 1980’s when a new agreement with California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) was reached.

Since that time, Acton Conservation Camp #11 has been a cooperative partnership between LACO Fire Department and CDCR.  Camp 11 has proudly served the citizens of Los Angeles County and the State of California.  The Camp 11 Fire Crews respond to wild land/brush fires and other natural disasters from the Mexico border in the south to the Oregon border in the north. Camp 11 is one of the busiest Fire Camps in the State, averaging over 500 fire responses a year.

Inmate Programs

Narcotics and Alcohol Anonymous meetings
Religious faith based services
Hobby Craft program
Visiting program
Canteen program
College and other educational correspondence services available
DMV Pre-Release Program



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