Conservation (Fire) Camps

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Facts and figures

Total Staff (CDCR) 2009: ?           
Total Staffing (CAL-FIRE/LAC) 2009: ?
Total # Inmates (as of 12/31/2009): ?

Camp Products

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Community service projects

In addition to the maintenance along the Lake Matthews shoreline and surrounding wildlife reserve crews support other community projects. Norco Camp operates a Riverside County Fire Department “Sonoma Kitchen” on major incidents within Riverside County. The Camp also manages an engraving shop that provides numerous products including nametags and ADA signage on a statewide basis.

Welcome to Norco Conservation Camp #0

5th and Western Blvd, Building 314
PO Box 279, Norco CA 91760
PH: (951) 737-5911

Camp Staff

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Camp History

Norco Conservation Camp is an institution-based camp working in cooperation with the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC). The Camp was opened on November 6, 1972 and has four inmate fire crews. Norco crews are utilized for emergency responses statewide but primarily respond into western Riverside County and Orange County .   Inmates receive their fire training at Norco Camp and are then assigned directly to Norco Fire Crews.  

Inmate Programs

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