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Non-Revocable Parole

The State's fiscal crisis is resulting in a reduction of $250 million in Fiscal Year 2009-10 to CDCR's rehabilitative programs for adult offenders, including education, vocational, substance abuse and other programs for inmates and parolees. In order to achieve these savings without compromising public safety, CDCR is developing new ways of delivering rehabilitation programs to reach as many inmates as possible with reduced funding. 


Programs & Services
Substance Abuse Treament Services

Effective substance abuse treatment is critical to California's efforts to reduce the number of inmates who return to a life of crime...» More

Community Partnerships

Creats and strengthens partnerships with key stakeholders, identifying innovative, evidence-based programming for offenders...» More

Office of Correctional Education

who learn to read and write and those who gain a skill are far more likely to succeed upon release...» More

Fidelity Unit

Established to assist with the implementation of evidence-base reforms in California's prison system. ...» More

California Prison Industry Authority (PIA)

An inmate work program that provides productive job opportunities for inmates in California correctional institutions...» More

Adult Programs

Adult Programs has led landmark reforms to bring evidence-based programs and tools to turn prison bars into bridges of opportunity...» More