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Curriculum Design
Patrice Thomason
Staff Services Manager I
Galt, CA
(209) 744-5120

Jo Harlow
Staff Services Manager I
Galt, CA
(209) 744-5032

The Curriculum Design Unit (CD) is responsible for developing learning materials used for academy training courses for incoming and current corrections staff, to ensure staff are kept current with recognized best practices, policies, legislation, and court mandates. Learning materials include lesson plans, participant workbooks, performance measures and supplemental materials such as slide presentations, practical application demonstrations, videos, and other multi-media materials using the latest in electronic media. The CD also provides consulting and advice for the organization's training and performance improvement needs.
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Janine Miller
Stockton, CA
(209) 546-4284

The Evaluation Unit (EU) is responsible for the collection of all evaluation data for the CDCR Adult, Juvenile and Parole training academies. The EU utilizes a daily participant evaluation for immediate feedback on the curriculum and instruction during the academies.  Next, an exit evaluation is used to provide feedback at the end of the academies.  And finally, an evaluation questionnaire is sent out to each graduate and their first line supervisor six months after graduation, to determine whether the curriculum and training received during the training academies provided the graduates the necessary entry level skills to perform their job.  Once the data has been collected for the academies we analyze, make recommendations, track implemented improvements and report findings management. 

The EU also provides the daily participant evaluation process to the Advanced Learning Institute (ALI), which includes supervisory, managerial and leadership programs.

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