California City Correctional Facility (CAC)

Institution Details

CAC is a Level II, general population, facility consisting of three (3) facilities, encompassed within one air conditioned structure and includes one Administrative Segregation housing unit. CAC is owned by CoreCivic, leased, staffed and operated under the authority of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). CAC began receiving CDCR level II population in December of 2013.

California City Correctional Facility is the State’s newest designated Enhanced Program Facility. This program is designed and offered to inmates who, based on their own behaviors and choices, are ready to take full advantage of programming opportunities. Program enhancements are volunteer based and are intended to incentivize and reinforce positive life choices. Some of the program enhancement options may include:

  • Access to college degree programs
  • Additional Self Help Groups
  • Hobby craft programs

Recreational and enhanced privilege options may include, but are not limited to:

  • Technology based privileges, as approved
  • Microwave access in dayroom area
  • Increased canteen draw
  • Increased canteen list choices
  • Expanded property options
  • Yard photo programs
  • Food sales
  • Sports and game tournaments
  • Self-help/volunteer sponsored events (concerts, guest speakers, etc.)