Image of a the inside of a Prison Facility

California Health Care Facility, Stockton

Aerial view of California Health Care Facility - Stockton. CLICK to download a copy.
Physical Address: Staff Mailing Address:
California Health Care Facility
7707 Austin Road
Stockton, CA 95215
(209) 467-2500
California Heath Care Facility
P.O. Box 32050
Stockton, Ca. 95213
Inmate Mailing Address:

Facility A
P.O. Box 31960
Stockton, Ca. 95213

Facility B
P.O. Box 32110
Stockton, Ca. 95213

Facility C
P.O. Box 32200
Stockton, Ca. 95213

Facility D
P.O. Box 32080
Stockton, Ca. 95213

Facility E
P.O. Box 32290
Stockton, Ca. 95213

Photo of Warden Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy, Warden

Institution Statistics

  • 337 high acuity medical beds
  • 673 low acuity medical beds
  • 432 intermediate care mental health beds
  • 98 mental health crisis beds
  • 100 beds for inmate workers
  • Dental Care/Dialysis Treatment/Diagnostic Center

In addition, San Joaquin General Hospital provides more intensive care and surgery not available at the California Health Care Facility.  Inmate-patients are housed in a secure, guarded area separate from other patients in a ward constructed at state expense.    

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