Image of a the inside of a Prison Facility

California Institution for Women (CIW)

Aerial view of California Institution for Women. CLICK to download a copy.
Physical Address: Mailing Address:

16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880
(909) 597-1771

16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880


Institutional Business Correspondence (No Inmate Mail):
PO Box 1700
Corona, CA 92878-1700

Inmate General Correspondence: Inmate Money Orders:

PO Box 8100
Corona, CA 92878-8100

PO Box 8102
Corona, CA 92878-8100

Kimberly Hughes, Warden (A)

Kimberly Hughes,


Click here for a list of Volunteer and Self Help Programs

Inmate Programs:

  • PIA:  Clothing and textile manufacturing (shirts, shorts, jeans, smocks, aprons, bedspreads, handkerchiefs, bandanas, Nomex firefighting clothing), Construction.

  • Vocational:  Computer training, data processing, word processing.

  • Academic: Adult basic education, high school/GED, Literacy program, Chaffey College (Associate degree), Manicuring, Choice Theory.

  • Other:  Alpha Faith-Based Re-entry, Prison Puppy program, Victim Awareness, Drug Treatment/Diversion, Forestry/Camp Training.

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