Folsom State Prison (FSP)

Transitional Treatment Facility

  • Houses inmates and parolees in a stand-alone facility designed to assist offenders with the cessation of habits related to substance abuse,
  • A-Dorm is established as the Transitional Treatment Program (TTP) designed for inmates identified as having potential to successfully complete the 120-day therapeutic, community-based program.  The program focuses on preparing participants for community re-entry and aftercare placement. 
  • B-Dorm is established as the Parolee Substance Abuse Program (PSAP) which is designed for paroles volunteering to participate in this enhanced 90-day education-based treatment program.  The program is intended for parolees who have committed drug/alcohol related parole violations which require a period of confinement.  In lieu of returning to Prison on a violation the parolee can participate in this program.
  • The Folsom Transitional Treatment Facility graduates an average of 40 parolees a month who have successfully completed the Parolee Substance Abuse Program (PSAP).
  • The success of these programs are based on a collaborative effort of Custody Staff, Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO), Division of Addiction and Recovery Services (DARS) and contract personnel from Center Point, the Contra Costa County of Education (CCOE) as well as providers from the community that participate in the aftercare for parolees.