Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP)

Inmate Programs:

  • PIA:  Coffee Roasting, Laundry, Meat Processing, and Textiles.
  • Vocational:  Welding, AC/Refrigeration, Electronics and Office Services.
  • Academic: Voluntary Education Program (VEP) and Standard Adult Basic Education Classrooms.
  • Other:  Religious Programs and Inmate Leisure Time Activity Groups (ILTAGS) which included: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous, Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous Re-Entry, Christian 12-Step, Veteran's Groups, Lifer Support Groups, Self Awareness and Recovery, Juvenile Diversion Program, Victim Awareness Offender Program, Gavel Club, Self Exploration Through Writing, Parenting Skills, Anger Management and other Religious and Self Help - Support Programs.

DRP Programs

CDCR's Division of Rehabilitative Programs offers a wide range of programs for inmates. Check to see which programs are offered at this institution.