California State Prison Solano (SOL)

Inmate Programs:

  • PIA: Book Bindery, Laundry, Metal Fabrication, and Optical.
  • Vocational: Carpentry, Fiber Optics (electronics), Masonry, Building Maintenance , Office Services and Related Technology (OSRT), Computer Literacy, Residential Electrical, and Welding.
  • Academic: Adult Basic Education,GED, Literacy Program, College Program, Voluntary Education Program.
  • Inmate Leisure Time Activity Groups (ILTAG) Programs: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-anon, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)-Reinforcement, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)-Workshops (Basic, Advanced, T4F), Insight Garden Program, Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Pop Tops for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Veteran's Re-Entry Preparation, Youth Diversion Prisoners’ Outreach Program (POP).
  • Inmate Self-Help Programs: A Step Closer, American Sign Language, Anger Management, Art Development, Artists Serving Humanity (ASH), Art Technique, Asatru 9-Step, Breaking Barriers, BRIDGES, Celebrate Recovery, Child Support Services, Cleansing Stream, Coffee House, Conflict Recognition and Resolution, Creative Conflict Resolution, Criminals and Gangs Anonymous (CGA), Cultural Awareness Organization, Denial Management, Domestic Violence, Dysfunctional Families, Dysfunctional Families Support Group, Emotional Maturity, Entrepreneurship, Epictetus Club, Facilitator Training, Facilitator/Coordinator Training Workshop, Flight of the Phoenix, Framework for Recovery, Friday Night Lights (FNL), Get on the Bus, Getting Out by Going In (GOGI), Going for the Gold, Growing Up Male, Helping Men Recover, In-Building Self-Help Programs (IBSHPs) – Leadership Development, Insightful Books Club, Katargeo, Languages, Learning Through Languages, Lifer Crochet Group, Locks of Love/Wigs for Kids, Man to Men Process Group, MAN UP, Men of Purpose, Millati Islami: Islamic Pathway Recovery, Motivational Musicals, Music (Band Practice), Music Innovators, Music Program, Music Theory, Parenting, Passport to Purpose, Passport to Purpose Alumni, Pathways to Sobriety, Partnership for Re-Entry Program (PREP), Purpose Driven Life/40 Days of Community, Purpose Driven Life/40 Days of Purpose, Qualified Applicators Course (QAC), RAGE, Real Talk, Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Self-Help Book Groups, Self-Help Book Group, Speak Easy, Tawheed/Changing Faces, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), The Victims Voice, Transcending Reflections, Transformational Meditation, Truck Driving Courses, Veteran’s Assistance, Victim Awareness Phase II, Victims Impact, Victims Voice, Visual Art Class, Yoga.
  • Religious Groups: Apostolic, Asatru/Odinism, Assembly of God, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Christian Science, Druid, Episcopal, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish, Latter Day Saints/Mormon, Nation of Islam, Native American, Protestant, Rastafarian, Seventh Day Adventist, Sikh, Wicca, Yahweh Messianist
  • Other: Special Events, Motivational Seminars.

Family Unification – Friends Outside Visitor Center:

Pursuant to Penal Code 6352, CDCR is mandated to provide through a contact with a non-profit agency (Friends Outside) an on-site visitor center. The Friends Outside visitor center, called the Friendship House, provided inmate family members assistance with a sheltered area for visitors who are waiting before and after visits, appropriate attire via a clothing exchange, childcare during visiting hours for visitors’ children, assistance with transportation between public transit terminals and the institution, information on visiting regulations and processes, and referrals to other agencies and services.

Family Unification – Family Liaison Services (FLS):

CDCR FLS provides contract staff who will offer personal services to inmates and liaison services between inmates and their families to meet the requirements of Assembly Bill 2848 (AB 2848). The purpose is to alleviate inmate anxiety during incarceration and to promote family unity and reunification to increase the number of parole successes, reduce recidivism and enhance public safety. The Family Liaison Services Specialist also offers Parenting and Creative Conflict Resolution workshops for inmates. The responsibility of the FLS staff is to facilitate successful parole through the provision of personal services regarding family and personal issues by accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Increase direct communication between inmates and their families
  • Increase the number of visits between inmates and their families
  • Increase the number of contacts between institutional staff and the families of inmates
  • Locate relatives with whom an inmate has lost contact

Family Unification – Parenting Inside Out:

CDCR contracted with Community Works West to provide Parenting Inside Out (PIO) as a pilot program at selected institutions. CSP-Solano was selected as a pilot institution and implemented PIO on March 5, 2014. PIO offers inmates a 60-hour parenting curriculum recognized in California by Child Protective Services (CPS), a parenting support group for successful graduates, and supervised visits between inmates enrolled in PIO and their children and their care givers. PIO is intended to equip parents with cognitive and behavioral skills they can use to solve problems in the daily lives of their children and families.

DRP Programs

CDCR's Division of Rehabilitative Programs offers a wide range of programs for inmates. Check to see which programs are offered at this institution.