Public and Employee Communications

CDCR Press Office: (916) 445-4950

The Office of Public and Employee Communications (OPEC) is composed of a Press Office, the Office of External Affairs, the Office of Internal Communication, and the Office of Video and Website Communications. The goal of OPEC staff members is to provide timely and relevant information through various media that educates the public, the media, lawmakers and internal staff members on the policies, events and successes of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

OPEC coordinates press conferences, develops/disseminates public information via press releases, advisories, and website and social media postings. OPEC also facilitates media interviews, oversees documentaries, organizes media tours of prisons and other CDCR facilities, and provides training to Public Information Officers working the department’s 34 prisons, Juvenile Justice facilities, fire camps and parole regions.

Office of Public and Employee Communications (OPEC)
Email Address
Vacant Assistant Secretary, Communications  
Michelle Mraule Staff Services Manager I
Press Office
Email Address
Jeffrey Callison Press Secretary
Terry Thornton Deputy Press Secretary
Luis Patino Information Officer II
Dana Simas Information Officer II
Kristina Khokhobashvili Information Officer I
Joseph Orlando Information Officer I
Bill Sessa Information Officer I
Richard Barraza Office Technician
Office of External Communications
Email Address
Vacant Deputy Assistant Secretary
of External Communications
Albert Rivas Deputy Chief
Alexandra Powell Associate Governmental
Program Analyst
Internal Communications & Multimedia Office
Email Address
Bill Enfield Chief, Internal Communications
Vacant Associate Governmental
Program Analyst
Don Chaddock Associate Governmental
Program Analyst
Scott Sabicer Director, Television Communications Center (Supervisor)
Cam Applegate Television Specialist
Eric Owens Television Specialist
Jeff Baur Television Specialist
David Novick Television Specialist
Thomas Gonzales CDCR Webmaster, Web Task Force
Nic Solberg Associate Information Systems Analyst, Web Task Force
Camaron Foster Associate Information Systems Analyst, Web Task Force
The Press Office also provides other services to media:

Stock Video Footage and Still Photographs

The Office of Public and Employee Communications maintains a library of stock video footage and still photographs and makes these available to the media upon request. There is current and archived footage and photographs of correctional facilities and programs, including restricted or limited access areas such as control booths, guard towers, the execution chamber, death row, and Administrative Segregation and Security Housing Units.

The video footage and still images included on the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's website are considered public documents, which are in the public domain.  No signed licensed agreement is necessary for permissions. To request a higher resolution of stock video footage or still photographs, please contact OPEC at (916) 445-4950.

Media Inquiries

The Press Office researches and responds to inquiries from the media. Facts are gathered as quickly as possible and provided to the inquirer. If the requested facts are not known or are otherwise unavailable, the inquirer shall be informed and the reasons therefore.

Prison Industry Authority

The Prison Industry Authority (PIA) provides productive work assignments for inmates in California's adult correctional institutions to reduce idleness and improve job skills. Contact the Prison Industry Authority at (916) 358-1802.

Board of Parole Hearings

The Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) conducts adult lifer hearings, juvenile parole eligibility hearings, and parole revocation hearings.

For those who wish to email specific individuals in the Office of Public and Employee Communications, please put a period (.) between the names and then address the email to

For example, Joseph Smith would be