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Electronic Monitoring Unit

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Electronic Monitoring Unit

Welcome to the Electronic Monitoring Unit (EMU). The EMU is responsible for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) - Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) Global Positioning System (GPS) Program, the Electronic In-Home Detention (EID) program, and the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE) Team Parole Agents. The EMU provides all training as it relates to GPS and EID to Parole Agents statewide.

global positioning system

The DAPO has been utilizing GPS technology since June 2005 to enhance public safety.  GPS is used as a tool to assist parole agents and local law enforcement with the supervision of high-risk parolees.  Since that time the DAPO has become one of the nation’s largest users of GPS.  The DAPO has paved the way for other agencies when it comes to supervising offenders through the use of GPS.

The DAPO dictates that all parolees, who are required to register pursuant to PC 290, be supervised utilizing GPS for their entire parole period.

As of December 31, 2008, the DAPO succeeded in placing all 290 registrants in the state of California on GPS.

In October 2005, the DAPO began implementing a High Risk Gang Offender (HRGO) Pilot Program.  This pilot program utilized GPS technology as a tool to monitor and track the movement of High Risk Gang Offender parolee’s located in specific locations throughout the State of California.  GPS has proven to be an effective risk management tool for supervising high-risk persons on parole who are likely to reoffend, where prevention and knowledge of their whereabouts is a high priority for maintaining public safety.


The DAPO can utilize EID as a supervision tool to monitor a curfew restricting parolee’s to their home.  The DAPO’s parole agents can utilize the EID program as an additional casework supervision tool. EID may be considered when addressing violations of parole, the law or for enhanced supervision.


The DAPO SAFE Team parole agents are regularly assigned to the California Department of Justice SAFE task force located throughout the state. SAFE parole agents work with the task force and local law enforcement in a coordinated effort to track down, arrest and prosecute sex offenders who jeopardize public safety by trying to stay anonymous through absconding and failing to register. SAFE Parole Agents work closely with GPS Parole Agents on surveillance of active HRSO and other PC 290 registrant parolees. They also conduct compliance searches and assist with the apprehension when a GPS parolee absconds from parole supervision.

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