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Parole LEADS

What is Parole LEADS?

Parole LEADS is an acronym for Parole Law Enforcement Automated Data System -a web-based computer application which provides local law enforcement agencies (LEAs) with photos and information about parolees supervised by the Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) of the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR). Accessible via the internet, LEAs can access parolee information and query for selected parolees on a statewide basis. Photos of parolees, including mugshots, scars, marks & tattoos are available, as well as a mapping tool are included.

What is Parole LEADS 2.0?

LEADS 2.0 is a streamlined application that is updated every 15 minutes, and has search functions that allow partner law enforcement agencies to find real time information on the status of a parolee they have made contact with, including Non Revocable Parole (NRP) status, PC 290 registration and potentially any available victim contact information. It is available to law enforcement 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides several layers of security to ensure that only law enforcement individuals can log on and have access to the information. This application uses Premium Google Earth mapping technology to assist law enforcement in finding residences of parolees.

What kind of information does Parole LEADS 2.0 provide? 

Each parolee’s record provides the Parole Status, Supervision Level, Agent of Record, Parole Unit/Phone number.  Specific information about each parolee includes the following:

  • First, Middle & Last Names,
  • Aliases First/Last NamesPhysical descriptors (height/weight, DOB, hair/eye color, etc.)
  • Addresses
  • Photos (including mugshots, scars, marks & tattoos
  • Vehicles
  • Commitment Offenses
  • Registration Requirements
  • Status  and special conditions of parole

All Status levels are included in LEADS 2.0, which include:

  • Active
  • Pre-Parole (currently incarcerated and awaiting parole within 120 days)
  • Suspended (Parolee at Large with an active CDCR warrant)
  • Revoked (currently back in custody for a parole violation)
  • Deported
  • Discharged (satisfied parole and continues to be available to law enforcement for one (1) year)
  • Non-Revocable Parole (NRP) and Monitored Non-Revocable Parole (MNRP)
    For more information about NRP, please visit:  http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Parole/index.html

Can Parole LEADS provide local agencies a list of recently paroled PC290 Sex Offenders? YES!

Parole LEADS 2.0 provides local LEAs a quick & easy way to generate a list of PC290 Sex Offenders who:

  • will be released from state prison within 60 days
  • had a recent address change
  • and will be discharged within 60 days

Local agencies can easily access the "PC290 Release Notification" button from the Parole LEADS 2.0 Search Tab and conduct a search of their respective County and/or City. Parolees residing within the chosen county/city and meeting the criteria above will appear on the Search Results. This parolee information will remain on the listing(s) for 15 days from the time of their release and/or address effective date.


  • LEADS 2.0 is available 24 x 7, except for scheduled maintenance
  • Data is updated near real time, so LEAs have the most current parolee information
  • Application response time is dramatically improved over the current system - resulting in parolee information being delivered much faster!
  • Users of the system (law enforcement personnel) can email the Parole Agent of Record - directly from the Parolee record.


  • Keyword Search - new function! Data entered into this field will search ALL fields in ALL parolee records.
  • Refined Search - new function! Allows users to quickly drill down on key parolee attributed - guaranteed results.
  • Mapping - Google Premium Maps
  • Photos - users can print a Parolee-at-Large flyer; and create 6-Pack Lineups, customized to parolee attributes.



  • Similar to e-commerce site, which allows users to easily adapt to new application
  • Google Premium maps mirrors everyday usability for users


If a local law enforcement agency does not currently have access to Parole LEADS, an enrollment package can be provided to them by contacting the Public Information Officer (PIO) in their respective area.

Local law enforcement agencies can access detailed Non-Revocable Parole information via the Parole LEADS application.