Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO)

Parolee Information Handbook - Pg. 20


There are places in all cities that can help you when you get out.  Some can help you with money, jobs, food stamps, medical care, school, or a place to live.  If they cannot help, they will send you to someone who can.  Cities and counties have different rules for getting benefits. 

This part of the handbook tells you about help you can really get.  Think about what you will need to do on parole, and then look at what help is available.  Your parole agent can help you get a hold of the agencies and get the services you need.

You can apply for General Assistance, Food Stamps, and Supplemental Security Income.  Remember, you are not entitled to special help simply because you are on parole.


When you get out of prison, get a hold of the California Department of Developmental Services if you think you are able to get these benefits.  Sign up with the Employment Development Department.  They will help you find a job.  You might be able to get unemployment benefits through DDS.  You may be able to get financial aid programs such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Work-Fare, General Assistance, and Food Stamps.  The parole office may have small loans for emergencies.  These loans must be approved by your

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