Division of Adult Parole Operations
Public Officers and Regional Offices

The Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) is divided geographically into two regions, Northern and Southern. Combined, DAPO has more than 110 parole units located throughout the State. DAPO Division headquarters provides statewide oversight, while the Regional Administrators are responsible for the day to day operations related to the supervision of adult parolees. The field parole units supervise the adult offenders subject to State supervised parole, as well as those currently serving their sentences in an alternative custody program, and adult offenders released on medical parole.

Northern Region Parole Units Southern Region Parole Units

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the parole unit nearest your location, or you may contact one of the headquarters offices listed below.

Division of Adult Parole Operations Headquarters

Division Headquarters Telephone: (916) 445-6200

Guillermo Viera Rosa Director
Vacant Deputy Director
Denise Milano Associate Director
Julie Kaplan Associate Director (A)
Austin Uwakwe Associate Director (A)

Northern Region Headquarters

Northern Region Telephone: (916) 255-2758

Robert Ambroselli Regional Parole Administrator
Albert Lee Assistant Regional Administrator
David Babby Chief Deputy Regional Administrator
Jeff Green Chief Deputy Regional Administrator
David Nichols Chief Deputy Regional Administrator (A)

Southern Region Headquarters

Southern Region Telephone: (909) 468-2300

Vacant Regional Parole Administrator
Diana Ronquillo Assistant Regional Administrator
Brenda Crowding Chief Deputy Regional Administrator
Karen Thacker Chief Deputy Regional Administrator
Enrique Gonzalez Jr. Chief Deputy Regional Administrator (A)