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Offender Information Reports

California Prisoners & Parolees (Annual)
A compendium of tables, graphs and charts detailing the inmate and parole populations supervised by the California Department of Corrections.

CDCR Annual Reports
A collection of data about the Department, inmates, parolees and more.


DNA Collection (Quarterly)
A report on the status of offender DNA collection pursuant to California Proposition 69 (2004).

Upper Term Sentencing (Biannual)
A biannual update for the calendar year of the number of felons admitted to state prison with at least one upper term sentence pursuant to the Supreme Court decision in Cunningham v. California.

Characteristics (Annual)
Various reports delineating the inmate and parole populations including age, ethnicity and type of offense.
  • Characteristics of Felon Admissions to Prison

  • Characteristics of Inmate Population (Semi-Annual)

  • Second and Third Strike Inmate Population (Quarterly)

  • Characteristics of Felon Parolee Population

  • Characteristics of Parole Population (Semi-Annual)

Recidivism Rate
The percentage of felons released to parole in California during a particular period who are returned to prison for any reason during a specific follow-up period.
  • Two Year Follow-up Period by Commitment Offense

  • Three Year Follow-up Period by Commitment Offense

  • One, Two, and Three Year Follow-up by County

Historical Trends (Annual)
An annual report of changes over a 20-year period in the California Department of Corrections’ prison and parole systems.

Behavior (Annual)
Reports on inmate incidents and escapes.
  • Inmate Incidents in Institution (Due to restructuring of the incident database, this report has been suspended, until such time as a new incident report can be created.)

  • Escapes

  • Employees Killed by Inmates

Condemned Inmates
Numerous reports and information on capital punishment and inmates on death row in California.

Movement of Prison Population (Annual)
A calendar year report of total movements into and out of each institution by various movement categories for felons, civil narcotic addicts, county diagnostic cases and others.

Prison Population
A calendar year report of the average daily prison population by type of commitment, institution and current and previous quarters.

Felons Paroled (Annual)
A calendar year report of felons first released and re-released to California Department of Corrections’ parole supervision, by Region and County of Parole.

Parolees Returned (Annual)
A calendar year report of the number and rate of felons returned to prison from California Department of Corrections’ parole supervision.

Parole Revocations Returns (Annual)
A calendar year report of parole violators returned to custody by principal charge category and average revocation time assessed and served. (Due to problems with the Revocation Scheduling and Tracking System this report has been suspended indefinitely.)

Time Served (Annual)
A calendar year report of the mean and median time served in prison for felons/civil narcotic addicts first released to parole, by offense.
  • Time Served in Prison by Felons

  • Time Served in Prison by Civil Narcotic Addicts

Obtaining Additional Information:

For information regarding contacting an inmate, please go to: How to Contact an Inmate.

If you are trying to locate an inmate at a CDCR facility please use the CDCR Inmate Locator.

If you have an issue or concern, about a situation in a state prison, please contact the Office of the Ombudsman.

For additional information view the CDCR Contact Us page.

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