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Peer Support Program

This program was established to ensure CDCR staff involved in work-related critical incidents are provided with intervention and available resources to cope with the immediate effects of a traumatic incident.

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EAP – Financial Services

Employee Assistance Program: 1-866-327-4762 
(www.eap.calhr.ca.gov) (EAP Brochure)

Peer Support Programs

The PSP provides peers who are trained to listen and offer emotional and practical support to help an employee deal with his/her situation in a confidential environment. CDCR has over 1,200 peer supporters statewide.          

This program is a component within the PSP that provides information, support, and resources for military service employees and their families during pre-deployment and post-deployment to military duty.

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The EAP is a guaranteed benefit for employees and their eligible dependents to help with some of life’s day-to-day challenges.  Finding balance, overcoming stress, and getting back on track to move forward can be harder than we think.  Your EAP is here to help you through it all at any time, day or night.
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855-897-9822 (toll free)

Statewide Peer Support Manager
Rosanna Rodriguez

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