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Folsom Prison: Further Reading and Resources

Folsom Prison (Images of America Series)

Images of America Series: Folsom Prison BookFolsom Prison is California's second-oldest prison, dating back to 1880. In the decades following the Gold Rush, it housed some of the state's most notorious prisoners in stone cells behind solid-metal doors; was the first prison with electric power; and for many years provided labor for various state projects, including construction, fabrication, and printing of license plates. Thrust into the public consciousness in the 1960s by high-profile performances from country music's Johnny Cash, the prison remains a notorious and legendary institution. The variety of offenders housed at Folsom are incarcerated for the gamut of criminal behavior, and the California Department of Corrections has been dedicated to rehabilitation efforts throughout the facility's long history.

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Folsom Prison museumFolsom Prison Museum

The Folsom State Prison Museum is located near the entrance of Folsom State Prison. The museum runs solely through the support of volunteers and contains an abundance of documents and artifacts from throughout the prisons long and colorful history. You can also find out more about the museum at the Folsom Prison Museum Website.


Folsom Prison Historical Portal


prison iconFolsom prison has a rich history.

Early Daily life

cdcr starLife as an inmate at Folsom was more than sitting in a 4 x 8 cell.

Crime & Punishment

inside CDCRInfractions were met with swift action at the prison.

An Officer's Life At Folsom Prison

paroleFind out what life as a guard was like at the turn of the century.

The Prison Today

paroleFolsom prison of today is much different than its past.

Further Resources

paroleFind out more about Folsom prison and its 130 years of history.