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Folsom Prison Continues To Thrive

harvesting crops for the zooToday approximately 5,000 inmates are housed at Folsom Prison and its nearby sister facility, the California State Prison, Sacramento. The inmates are currently housed at level 1 and 2 security, the two lowest levels of security for prisons operated by the CDCR. Level 1 prisoners are housed in open dormitories without a secure perimeter, and Level 2 prisoners may be housed in open dormitories with secure perimeter fence. In 2004, the majority of level 2 prisoners were moved to other prisons and level 3 prisoners took their place. FSP's population in early 2005 was approximately 3,400.

There are five housing units within the secure perimeter, including the original two-tiered structure. Unit 1 is the most populous cellblock in the United States, with a capacity of nearly 1,200 inmates on four five-tiered sections.

inmates graduate with their GEDAll cells include toilet, sink, bunks and storage space for inmate possessions. There are two dining halls, a large central prison exercise yard, and two smaller exercise yards. The visiting room includes an attached patio as well as space for non-contact visits.

Folsom's Inmate Programs

Folsom State Prison (FSP) offers academic and vocational programs to offer inmates the skills they need to succeed upon release so that they will turn away from crime and embark on a new way of life. Academic programs offered at FSP include Adult Basic Education, General Education Development, (GED), and Adult High School. Additional services include library, inmate assessments and literacy. Vocational programs include Masonry, Building Maintenance, Office Services, Welding, and Auto Mechanics. FSP also offers college programs through Coastline Community College.


Folsom Prison Historical Portal


prison iconFolsom prison has a rich history.

Early Daily life

cdcr starLife as an inmate at Folsom was more than sitting in a 4 x 8 cell.

Crime & Punishment

inside CDCRInfractions were met with swift action at the prison.

An Officer's Life At Folsom Prison

paroleFind out what life as a guard was like at the turn of the century.

The Prison Today

paroleFolsom prison of today is much different than its past.

Further Resources

paroleFind out more about Folsom prison and its 130 years of history.