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Reductions and Vacancies Information

In an effort to assist employees in making informed decisions regarding the current and future employment with CDCR and to assist with the lateral transfer process, the department will be providing an "Over/Under" report for Wave 2. This report will identify projected reductions in Non-Custody classifications for CDCR's Wave 2 reductions. The number of vacancies and number of impacted staff will change due to placements and hiring. Additionally, reductions may be added in the near future.

  • Reduction   Indicates the number of positions being reduced for the specified classification or the specified location
  • Vacant– Indicates number of Vacancies in that classification for the specified location.
    • Vacancies Include funded positions that may currently be filled by limited term appointments.
    • Vacancies DO NOT include positions being held for mandatory right of return.
    • Vacancies include positions that will be eliminated due to Wave 2 reductions, but DO NOT include other positions being held for medical placements, positions Lost to GC12439, or positions with temporary funding.
    • Any Vacancies that are ratio –driven require verification prior to placement.  This means that due to the reduction in inmate population, the position may no longer be necessary and will be deactivated .  As such, no longer available for placement.
  • # of Staff Impacted – Indicates the number of staff impacted in that classification at that specific location.  A positive number indicates the number of impacted staff and a “0” indicates no impacted staff.