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Job opportunities posted by governmental agencies

Employment opportunities for CDCR employees impacted by Wave 2 Layoffs are being offered by several governmental agencies.

The California Department of Veterans Affairs has positions available in numerous classifications at veterans homes in Redding and Fresno. Information is available at on their website.

The California Department of State Hospitals has openings for at CDCR correctional officers seeking lateral transfers. CDCR correctional officers seeking to transfer to DSH should submit a standard state application to any of the facilities they are interested in and mark it as "Lateral Transfer." Classifications include Hospital Police Lieutenant, Hospital Police Officer and Hospital Police Sergeant.

Each hospital does its own hiring, so an application needs to be submitted to each facility an officer is interested in. Addresses can be found on the DSH website. More information can be found at

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department has posted employment opportunities for Correctional Officers to lateral from other public agencies. The job opportunities listed are in a number of locations. For a list of the requirements, conditions of employment, list of benefits and a link to the Public Agency Eligible List application, see: Placer County Correctional Officer II.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has an opening for a correctional deputy I.
See: Riverside County Correctional Deputy I.


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CalHR Website


CalHR is the result of California's consolidation of the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) with certain programs of the State Personnel Board. CalHR is responsible for all issues related to salaries and benefits, job classifications, civil rights, training, exams, recruiting, and retaining. For most employees, many of these matters are determined through the collective bargaining process.

Transfer Determination Calculator

calculatorUnder State Personnel Board Rules 430-433, a State employee may transfer from one job class to another if the levels of duties, responsibility, and salary of the two classes are substantially the same and the classes are not in the same series. The Transfer Determination Calculator can help an employee figure out what options may be available.

Office of Resource Planning FAQs

icon of a button with the letters FAQ written on itUp-to-date "frequently asked questions" about the layoff process for CDCR Peace Officers.

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Military Service Information

icon of an American flagProvides information that outlines eligibility for Military Seniority Credits

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DPA Layoff Manual

icon of the DPA manualDept. of Personnel Administration Layoff Manual, sections 100-900 (causes for layoffs, to reemployment, 38 pages).

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SROA Manual

icon showing a letter receieved in the mailA general overview regarding the (SROA) process, how it works, and what you can expect.

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