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Inmate Realignment FAQs

inmate realignment FAQs
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CDCR provides information inmate realignment FAQs.

California Static Risk Assessment Overview

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CDCR provides information on how it predicts the risk of felony conviction.

CDCR's Methods for Calculating Sentencing

CDCR provides this information solely as an example of how dates are calculated. Counties should determine how they will calculate in consultation with their county counsel.

Parole Revocation Trends As They Relate to Realignment

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Rodger Meier, Special Assistant to the Executive Officer, Board of Parole Hearings, discusses parole revocation trends as they relate to realignment.

The Post Release Community Supervision Process

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Tanya Rothchild, Chief of the Classification Unit, and Delores Pascal, Chief of Case Records, discusses Post Release Community Supervision process developed in coordination with Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC).

Inmate Population Reductions As a Result of Realignment Under AB 109

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Ross Meier, Chief of the Population Management Unit, discusses Inmate population reductions as a result of Realignment under AB 109.