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The Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) is a branch of the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) operating from headquarters located in Sacramento, California. DRP is at the heart of rehabilitation activity in CDCR. Its top priority is to provide rehabilitative programming and skills to inmates in an effort to reduce their likelihood of reoffending by the time they return to their homes and communities. Under DRP, there are three offices, working together, that provide services and operations to support rehabilitation.

graphic of DRP structure

The Office of Correctional Education provides academic, vocational, and literacy programs within adult institutions.

See Office of Correctional Education (OCE)

Offender Services (OS) is broken into two separate units: In-Prison Programs (for inmates) & Community and Reentry Programs (for parolees).

See Offender Services (OS)

As part of CDCR's Division of Rehabilitative Programs, the Office of Program Accountability and Support (OPAS) consists of the several units focused on providing support and outreach to all of DRP.

The units within Office of Program Accountability and Support are:

  • Fiscal Services, Acquisitions and Invoice Units
  • Performance Evaluation, Data and Fidelity (PEDF) Units
  • Personnel and Business Services Unit
  • Resource Development & Outreach (RD&O) Units

See Office of Program Accountability and Support (OPAS)

DRP Executive Staff

JAY VIRBEL   | Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs
CYNTHIA FLOREZ-DELYON   | Deputy Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs
KEVIN HOFFMAN   | Deputy Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs
RYAN SOUZA   | Associate Director, Office of Program Accountability and Support
BRANTLEY CHOATE   | Superintendent, Office of Correctional Education
JESSICA MAZLUM   | Chief, Community and Reentry Services

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Rehabilitative programs are the best way for an offender to be prepared for success upon release. The link below explains this process with an easy-to-follow diagram

See Rehabilitative Process

See Technology Solutions for more information.

Technology has opened the door to more educational opportunities while simultaneously reducing government spending. Below is a list of technology initiatives at CDCR.