Business Information Systems (BIS)

CDCR’s Business Information System (BIS) solution is an implementation of the SAP suite of enterprise business management software. BIS will streamline the administrative processes of the Department, including financial, supply chain, and human resources management. BIS is an enterprise-wide system that replaces hundreds of standalone databases, legacy systems, and manual processes with an integrated, proven solution for achieving operational efficiencies. BIS will provide CDCR with more efficient, automated business processes as well as real-time reporting allowing for improved management of the Department’s valuable financial and human resources.


To integrate and standardize on best practices so that CDCR can acquire and track its labor and assets in an efficient and fiscally accountable manner that results in our external and internal stakeholders being well served.


We strive to be a leading model for state government organizations in implementing fast, easy, cost-effective, and uniform department-wide administrative processes, and in providing excellent customer service.

Financial, human resources and procurement best practices will be employed to support the State's correctional and rehabilitation operations in a fiscally responsible manner.


  • Streamline, automate and standardize the Financial/Budget, Human Resources, and Supply Chain (Procurement/Contract) practices of CDCR.
  • Identify, track, and assimilate the project (i.e., activity) costs associated with CDCR programs across divisional lines.
  • Improve the quality timeliness, availability, and accuracy of the data related to these functions.
  • Minimize paper consumption.