Board of Parole Hearings

All future candidates (whether first time applicants or candidates re-applying following removal from a panel) shall be added to the end of the inactive group; in the same order their application is post-marked or received via email. To be added to the inactive list on one or more panels, candidates must submit the following to the Board, attention “Scheduling Unit: Panel Attorney Appointments:”
  1. A current resume;
  2. Proof of “active” status and “good standing” with the California State Bar (a copy of said information from the website will suffice); and
  3. A signed copy of the Panel Attorney Participation Form (see page 10) indicating acceptance of all the Program terms and interested panels.


BPH Contact Information

Board of Parole Hearings
Post Office Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

Phone: 916-445-4072