CDCR Going Green Energy Savings

CDCR Going Green
Energy Savings

Energy Savings Through Information Systems

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CDCR is using state-of-the-art technology to save electricity, resources in its expanding internet technology applications. Under the leadership and guidance of Joe Panora, Agency Information Officer and Andrea Rohmann, Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Information Services (EIS)  is currently focusing on the environmental and financial impact of issues such as increased power consumption, data center cooling issues and e-waste from IT operations. EIS is fully committed to promoting and implementing Green IT initiatives. In addition to recycling all computers, keyboards, and monitors, major innovations in resource savings include:

Reducing Energy Usage for PC’s

CDCR now uses Verdiem software, which reduces electricity usage for thousands of desktop computers. About Verdiem: “Verdiem is an enterprise software company focused on PC Power Management & Green IT.  Verdiem’s flagship SURVEYOR software enables customers to centrally control and reduce the energy used by PCs on their network by up to 60 percent without impacting end users or IT.  More than 400 corporations, government agencies, and universities have deployed SURVEYOR to have a positive impact on the environment—reducing PC energy waste and carbon footprint.  Based in Seattle, Washington, Verdiem is a leader in Green IT solutions and backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.” 

Virtual Servers

California IT Strategic Plan Concept 5: Economic And Sustainable Strategy 1: Promote practices that protect the environment and reduce energy usage; Strategy 2: Ensure the disaster resiliency of state’s IT infrastructure.” Inefficient use of servers consumes excessive energy resulting in higher operation costs and increase in CO2 emissions. Servers are often deployed with a one-to-one server to application ratio. Computer rooms may have numerous servers, each providing a single application, which operate at low rates of utilization. Green IT efforts such as “Server Virtualization” help to further improve energy efficiencies and broaden the environmental movement through education and partnerships that reduces operational costs and effect positive change in state government. CDCR as of June 2010, has been able to virtualize 320 of approximately 800 large computer equipment (servers), which is a consolidation ratio of 4 to 10. This has resulted in taking approximately 480 servers off-line, and a huge energy savings for the Agency.