Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Exams

Who can apply for a CEA?

CEA examinations are open to all applicants who possess the knowledge and abilities, and any other requirements as described in the examination bulletin. Eligibility to take a CEA examination does not require permanent status in civil service.

How do you apply for a CEA?

Qualified persons must complete a STD. 678 State Employment Application, and submit any other documentation requested in the CEA job announcement bulletin.  The STD 678 State Employment Application may be obtained through the State Personnel Board’s website at:

Exam Bulletins Final Filing Date
Associate Director, Budget Management Branch, CEA Level B 08/31/2018
Associate Director, Accounting Services Branch, CEA Level B 08/31/2018
Associate Director, Regulation and Policy Management Branch, CEA Level A 08/29/2018
Associate Director, Support Services, CEA Level A 08/29/2018
Chief Deputy Administrator, CP, CEA / Locations and Map Continuous