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Strengthening Partnerships

OCP contributes to public safety by creating and strengthening partnerships with key stakeholders, identifying innovative, evidence-based programming for offenders, and strengthening the state and local continuums of service for offenders.

Carpentry Work

California New Start

CDCR is setting a high priority on linking inmate training programs to jobs in the community.  The primary goal of CDCR’s California New Start – Prison-to-Employment Program is to improve the employability of offenders leaving California prisons, to increase the likelihood that they will secure and retain gainful employment up reentry to their communities, reduce recidivism and enhance public safety.  The partnership between CDCR, the Employment Development Department and the California Workforce Investment Board will further these goals.

For more information view the "California New Start" web page.

OCP efforts include:

  • Working proactively in conjunction with Community Partnership Managers at each institution with volunteer organizations, law enforcement agencies, schools, universities, corporations, and various other agencies to build a positive working relationship between the CDCR and the community.

  • Creating strong partnerships with community-based providers, and the communities to which their offenders return, in order to provide services critical to the offenders’ success on parole.

  • Supporting programs that unify and strengthen an offender’s ties with family and other community support systems.

  • Creating opportunities to increase volunteer participation and monitoring the effective delivery of services to inmates and parolees.

  • Increasing communication and collaboration between the various sectors with the goal of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of systems available to meet the rehabilitative needs of offenders.

OCP Services and Programs

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Volunteers Coordination – encourages the use of volunteers who advance understanding and cooperation between the CDCR and various community groups, religious groups, colleges and universities, and the general public. Volunteers represent a cost effective means of providing valuable and professional expertise. OCP provides policy development and administrative oversight of volunteers who augment services to the inmate population.

Community Collaboration – Serves as liaison to the community regarding the development of programs designed to reduce recidivism.  The Division facilitates and encourages collaborative relationships with local government, non-profit agencies and service providers through the maintenance of the Community Resources Directory, the provision of technical assistance, and the convening of stakeholder forums.

Family Unification Services – Facilitates family unification for inmates through the Visitor Center Program and Prisoner Representative Program, services provided by a non-profit community organization under contracts managed by OCP. The Visitor Center Program – establishes visitor centers at all State prisons with an inmate population of more than 300 inmates. Each visitor center provides assistance to visitors with transportation between public transit terminals and prisons, child care for visitors' children, emergency clothing, and information on visiting regulations and processes, referrals to other agencies and services, and a sheltered area outside of the security perimeter for visitors who are waiting before or after visits.

The Prisoner Representative Program – provides inmates with assistance with family issues and pre-release planning. Prison Representative Programs which provides a Case Management Specialist inside correctional institutions to increase communication and visits between inmates and their families, increase contacts between institutional staff and families of inmates, locates lost relatives, and reduces anxiety regarding families and/or personal problems. The Case Management Specialists provide counseling in parenting and creative conflict resolution, and assist inmates with reentry, employment, or educational services. In emergencies, contract staff facilitate legal services, food, clothing, transportation, and lodging for inmate families.

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