Civil Rights Operations (CRO) is responsible for ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity exists for all applicants and CDCR employees, and to promote a professional work environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

CRO administers a statewide program for filing and resolving EEO complaints, including review and analysis of complaints, development of policy and procedure, providing technical assistance, and conducting training to provide discrimination awareness and prevention.

Violations of the CDCR EEO policy may be addressed at the local level and/or with Civil Rights Operations upon referral. When appropriate, allegations of EEO misconduct are investigated by Special Agents in Field Operations.

CRO Responsibilities

  • Review discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints.
  • Provide analysis of complaints alleging a violation of the CDCR EEO policy.
  • Provide a response to external agencies regarding EEO complaints or requests for information.
  • Develop and conduct EEO/Sexual Harassment training for CDCR staff, supervisors and managers.
  • Provide consultation to EEO Coordinators, Counselors and Hiring Authorities on accommodation requests.
  • Serve as a liaison between Office of Internal Affairs and EEO Coordinators, and EEO Counselors.

You will find a wealth of information and resources by clicking the links on this page. If you need to contact CRO directly, you can contact us by either writing or calling. Our contact information is below:

Office of Internal Affairs
Civil Rights Operations
P.O. Box 3009
Sacramento, CA 95812
Phone (916) 255-1301
Fax (916) 255-1316