T.H. Pendergast California Parole Museum

Thomas H Pendergast

It is the mission of the T.H. Pendergast California Parole Museum to collect and organize artifacts that document the history of parole in California.

The preservation of parole history honors and unites those who have worked for or been served by the California Parole System and is intended to be a source of pride and identity.

The collection serves the community as an educational resource by creating interactive projects and mobile exhibitions. Educational partnerships are fostered to generate scholarly research.

The museum also serves to educate the public by bringing to the community carefully developed exhibits that instruct, inspire and lead to a better understanding of the parole mission, history and future of California.

Museum Logo

The logo was created by Allan Martinez, at Cal State University Fullerton, under the direction of Professor Arnold Holland, a Getty Scholar. The design was funded by a grant from the J. Paul Getty Museum.

For further information, contact Paul Toma, Chairman, at (951) 545-2635 or via email.