Office of Research
Responsibilities and Services

The Office of Research is responsible for publishing a variety of reports ranging from statistical summaries of CDCR's adult and juvenile offender populations to evaluations of innovative rehabilitative treatment programs. 

The Office of Research also carries out short-term and long-term process and impact evaluations for programs within CDCR, conducts research projects to enhance the classification of offenders according to their treatment needs and risks, conducts research designed to assess facility program needs, and provides research-based information to CDCR administrators, staff, and facilitates external research requests to others (Governor, legislators, press, etc.).

Popular Reports

Offender Information Services Branch

This branch provides adult population reports and statistics containing extensive data on characteristics of facility populations and adult parole populations, historical trends, summaries of population movements, and parole outcome (including recidivism)

Research and Evaluation Branch

The Adult Research Branch provides evaluations of adult rehabilitative programs and conducts research designed to assess facility and parole program needs for adult offenders.

Enterprise Data Management Branch

The Enterprise Data Management Branch (EDMB) provides specialized data reporting on adult offender information for internal and external stakeholders. The EDMB is the technical and data support arm of the Office of Research.

Office of Research

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Phone: (916) 445-1310
FAX: (916) 323-2998

Reports & Research