Suitability Hearing Results

Week of Feb 20 – Feb 24, 2023

Below are the outcomes of Parole Suitability Hearings scheduled from February 20 through February 24, 2023.

February 20 through February 24, 2023 Weekly Results (Printable Version as of 3/01/2023)

ALI, OMARIAD1250NoLos Angeles 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
ALLEN, MICHAELAD9539NoSan Diego 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
AUSTIN, ARTHUR, ALEXANDERF69394NoSacramento 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 7 yr
BADILLO, BARON, JOHNH13508NoAmador,Santa Clara 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
BALBUENA, JAVIERD95846NoSan Bernardino,Sacramento 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
BELL, RICO, RAMONH39468NoSan Bernardino,Kern 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 3 yr
BOOKER, AHMAD, RASHADV74516NoImperial,Riverside 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
BOWIE, ROBERT, CHARLEST60897NoSan Bernardino,Kings 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
BRUNER, RANDY, DIONP07256NoLos Angeles 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 3 yr
BURNS, DONVAY, LAMARRAL7508NoLos Angeles 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingStip 3 yr
CAMPOS, JOSE, LUISP82476NoLos Angeles,Kern 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
CHAPARRO, ANTHONY, VALDOVINOSP91038NoFresno 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
CLARK, TOMMY, EDWARDG22225NoLos Angeles 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
COOPER, MICHAEL, HOWARDK41628NoSan Diego 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
COTAYA, STEVENG26623NoLos Angeles 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
DELACRUZ, AGUSTINV15385NoSan Diego 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
DIAZ, JAIME, ALBERTOJ67368NoLos Angeles 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
FROST, SHAWN, KEVINH86714NoSacramento 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
GALLARDO, MICHAELJ08973NoSan Mateo,Kings 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 3 yr
GARCIA, JESUSAG7198NoSan Bernardino 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
GARCIA, NESTORG51170NoSan Diego 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
GILLEY, JACK, FREDERICKK31611NoContra CostaPC 3041.102/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
GODDARD, SHANE, CARSONH29361NoSan Diego 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
GONZALEZ, MARIOK68747NoSan Diego,Monterey 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
HENSEL, CLARENCE, NATHANT69029NoNapa 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
HERNANDEZ, RICHARD, ANTHONYP18933NoMerced,Fresno 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
HOAC, QUOC, CHIK19964NoSacramento,LassenPC 3041.202/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
HOLDEN, GARY, LAMARV63133NoLos Angeles 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
KEO, JORDANAE4891NoSanta ClaraPC 3041.102/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingGrant 
KHOTSOMBATH, KEVIN, PHETHAMATHAK2250NoOrange 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
LANDRY, SAMUELD16449NoLos Angeles,San Francisco 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
LOPEZ, MANUEL, GOMEZT05318NoAlameda 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
LUCERO, ALBERT, BENJAMINC23887NoMarin,Amador,Solano 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
MAGALLANES, JOSE, LUISK76629NoLos Angeles 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
MANCIAS, LUIS, ALBERTOAM9980NoFresno 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
MANLEY, JARED, ELLST91138NoSanta Clara 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
MARISCAL, JOSE, LUISK60496NoRiverside 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
MARTINEZ, MARVIN, STEVENAD4666NoOrange 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
MCKINNON, WILLIE, SYLVESTERV29607NoSan Bernardino 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
MCNEIL, THOMAS, ROBERTF07446NoSan Bernardino 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
MENDEZ, VICTOR, MANUELK32976NoLos AngelesPC 3041.202/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
NGUYEN, TRUONG, TONAH1382NoDel Norte,RiversidePC 3041.102/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
ORNALEZ, JASON, ANTHONYE69754NoKern 02/23/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
ORTEGA, MARIOP31193NoRiverside 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
ORTIZ, JORGEAN0763NoFresno 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 7 yr
ORTIZ, RENE, FAUSTINOAC2956NoKings,Monterey 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
PADILLA, LUIS, ALBERTOT33160NoLos Angeles,Riverside 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
PADILLIA, FRANCISCO, GONZALEZAN0819NoMerced 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
RAMIREZ, LUIS, MANUELAH2663NoLos Angeles 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
RAMOS, JOSEK33208NoSan Diego,Lassen 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
REYES, RICHARD, MARIANOAK5503NoSanta Barbara 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 6 mo
RIOS, ANDREW, LOYAT15743NoSan Diego 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN, CARLOSP55464NoTulare,Amador 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 3 yr
RODRIGUEZ, RAULV94653NoOrange 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
ROSAS, FLAVIOAB6094NoLos Angeles,Kern,Sacramento,Kings 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingStip 5 yr
ROSAS, JESUS, ANTONIOT56547NoLos Angeles 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
SEK, SAMNANGAR2875NoLos Angeles 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
SHIVERS, ROY, LORENZO, IIIK48029NoRiverside 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
SKINNER, JONATHAN, JOSEPHP48592NoSutter 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
SMITH, ANTHONY, LAMONTE70482NoFresno 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
SMITH, DANIELC76433NoSacramentoPC 3041.202/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
SOLIZ, JOHN, LOUIS, JRC62754NoSan Bernardino 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
THOMAS, BERNARDP19945NoAlameda 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
VAN ALSTINE, JAMES, ROBERTC77238NoLos AngelesPC 3041.202/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
VILLALOBOS, HOMERO, MORAV74683NoSanta Clara 02/23/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
VU, THIEN, TONYP29838NoSacramento,Amador 02/24/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
WESTBROOK, TYE70958NoAlameda 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
WILLIAMS, CLIFTOND34287NoSacramento 02/24/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr