Suitability Hearing Results

Week of May 15 – May 19, 2023

Below are the outcomes of Parole Suitability Hearings scheduled from May 15 through May 19, 2023.

Week of May 15 through May 19 (Printable version as of 5/24/2023)

ANGELO, MICHAELJ72099NoLos AngelesPC 3041.105/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
BAZANTE, ISAIAS, ISMAELBD9896NoMadera 05/17/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
BEAS, JOSE, SANCHEZ, JRT16205NoOrange 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
BENAVENTE, EDWARDC99981NoSan Bernardino 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
BENDER, ARNOLDJ84785NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 3 yr
BREWER, INGRID, IVENIAWF1824NoLos Angeles 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
BURNSIDE, CARL, JR.E94164NoSacramento,San Joaquin 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
BYRD, DON, LEEC10930NoSacramento 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
CALDWELL, CHRISTOPHERC99680NoVentura 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
CARREON, ALEXAG5171NoRiverside 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
CASTILLO, FRED, MT21089NoSanta Clara 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
CHAIREZ, LUIS, DANIELV79889NoSan Diego 05/17/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
COCHRAN, HEATHER, MARIEWA4003NoSan Bernardino,San Diego 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
COCHRAN, STEVEN, REESEJ59526NoKings,San Joaquin 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 11 mo
COOK, EDWARD, LAVERGEJ77594NoKern 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
COOK, JERRY, RAYD33037NoDel Norte,San Luis Obispo 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 3 yr
COSTALES, RUBENE45896NoFresno 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
CUASCUT, PEDROAI5178NoKern,Santa Clara 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
CUEVAS, ELIEZER, SALGADOJ72394NoSacramento 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
DAVIS, DWAIN, EVERETTP27486NoSacramento,San Mateo 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
DAVIS, ELLIS, LAVEREC21377NoRiversidePC 3041.105/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingGrant 
DELGADO, VINCENTAC9112NoTulare 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
DOMINGUEZ, VINCENTT42050NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
DORSEY, ANTHONYE29475NoKern 05/17/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
EAVES, DARNELL, EUGENEBI9181NoRiverside 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingStip 3 yr
ESTEP, JOHN, BARRYJ59546NoSacramento 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
EVANS, GLEN, DALEBL3555NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
FRANCO, GEORGE, RAULD46556NoSanta Clara 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
GARCIA, HUGO, SANDOVALP14539NoSan Diego 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
GOMEZ, GERARDO, JOSUEG09114NoLos AngelesPC 3041.105/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
GONZALEZ, HENRIQUE, CASTROF94634NoRiverside 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
GWIN, RAMUS, EUGENEJ47263NoLos AngelesPC 3041.105/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
HAMPTON, GREGORY, GEORGEG36477NoLos Angeles 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 6 mo
HARO, MIGUEL, ANGELJ36101NoLos Angeles,Sacramento 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
HARRIS, WILLIE, CLYDEG56046YesAlameda 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
HERNANDEZ, ISRAELV96111NoKings,Santa Clara 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
HURTADO, RICHARDV64077NoTulare 05/17/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
IRVIN, FXXI, JAPIP04360NoSacramento 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingContinue 6 mo
JENKINS, ROBERT, LEEH53355NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
JONES, LEONARD, CV39311NoSan Francisco 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
JONES, MALCOLMJ04780NoLos Angeles 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
KENNEDY, PHILLIP, JUDEF47457NoLos AngelesPC 3041.205/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
LANDAVERDE, MOISEST40083NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
LAWRENCE, SHELBY, JAMESB71312NoKern 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
LEALCALDERON, EDUARDOAC9508NoSan Luis Obispo 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
LEWIS, DUANE, ARTHURP34690NoOrange 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
LOPEZ, ELIJAH, PAULG46329NoLos Angeles 05/17/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
LORING, JAMES, BILLP33857NoFresno 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
LOZA, JOE, JAIMEAD6784NoSacramento,Tulare 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
LUGO, ANTHONY, ELIASK08120NoKern 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
LUNA, ADRIAN, MANUELG33264NoFresno 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
LUNA, JORGEAG9017NoOrangePC 3041.105/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
MADEWELL, JOHN, THOMASV25432NoTuolumne,Mariposa 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
MARTINEZ, ABELK96679NoKern,Kings 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
MARTINEZ, RONNIE, JOHNT27943NoSan Bernardino,Kings 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 7 yr
MATA, ALONZOF61693NoRiverside 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
MATA, GERARDOJ94404NoRiverside 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
MENDOZA, MOISESV06653NoStanislaus 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingStip 3 yr
MITCHELL, ANGELOV59361NoSan Francisco 05/17/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
MOORE, LEMBRICF24990NoLos AngelesPC 3041.205/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
MORAN, MARCO, ALONZOP00998NoSan Diego 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
MOSLEY, EVERETT, EUGENEJ23915NoAmador,Solano 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
MOSLEY, EVERETT, EUGENEJ23915NoAmador,Solano 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 3 yr
MOSQUEDA, ADRIAN, TAMAYOE08547NoDel Norte,San Bernardino 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
OLIVAS, MARIO, JRH98322NoKern,Kings 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
PEREZ, JOHN, TIMOTHYE56699NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
PEREZ, MANUEL, ALBERTOG47007NoRiverside 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
PHILLIPS, LUCKYC20271NoVentura 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
PICENO, PATRICK, DANIELF83751NoOrange 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
RABB, TORRANZE, J VONK71411NoLos Angeles,Orange 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
RAMAZZINI, NATHAN, JOSHUAP04587NoColusa 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
RAMIREZ, OMAR, ORLANDOF72217NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
RODRIGUEZ, ADELE, KATHYW26450NoLos Angeles 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTD53472NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
SACKRIDER, JACK, ROBERTT40167NoAmador 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 5 yr
SALCIDO, SIXTOP04061NoSan Bernardino 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
SANCHEZ, FILEMON, ANDRADED25181NoRiversidePC 3041.205/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
SANCHEZ, MIGUEL, RODRIGUEZK79769NoFresno 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
SHERMAN, WILLIE, CLARENCET57284NoLos Angeles 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
SINEGAL, RAMON, LADALEJ95722NoRiverside 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
SINGLETON, WILLIAM, ADAIRB54525NoLos Angeles,San Bernardino 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
TALANCON, VINCENTJ94957NoSacramento 05/19/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 2 yr
TORRES, ERICBA2457NoSacramento 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingStip 3 yr
TORRES, ROBERTJ99007NoLos Angeles 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingStip 3 yr
TRUXAL, GEORGEC77266NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingStip 3 yr
VALDEZ, FERNANDOAK6559NoSan Joaquin 05/17/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
VAN HOUTEN, LESLIEW13378NoLos Angeles 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
VANDERWOOD, MICHAEL, LAMARBB9196NoRiverside 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr
VILLASENOR, ISMAEL, RIVERAP48365NoFresno 05/17/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
WILLIAMS, ERIC, LAMARRF37036NoSan Bernardino 05/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingPostpone 0 mo
WILSON, MUNFORD, PAULK48027NoSan BernardinoPC 3041.105/18/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingGrant 
WOOLRICH, JAVIERV16957NoKern 05/18/2023Initial Suitability HearingWaive 1 yr
YEARY, ARTHUR, LANEK67108NoStanislaus 05/19/2023Subsequent Suitability HearingDeny 3 yr