Standby attorneys are those who the Board identified may become an active attorney in the near future. Before becoming an active attorney, standby attorneys must complete the following minimum qualifications within two weeks of appointment:

  1. Provide proof of “active” status and “good standing” with the California State Bar (a copy of said information from the California State Bar’s website will suffice);
  2. Provide annual proof of malpractice insurance;
  3. Provide annual documentation of symptom free tuberculin skin testing and evaluation;
  4. Meet the necessary requirements to be eligible for entrance to each of the panels’ facilities; and follow the institution and hospital dress code requirements;
  5. Attend the annual Attorney Orientation in full (four hours regarding parole hearing processes and four hours regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act), when directed by the Board Staff;
  6. Sign and submit the Panel Attorney Participation Form; and
  7. Observe a minimum of three proceedings since written notification of activation:

    Attorneys on Panels 1-13: Three Parole Consideration Proceedings

    Attorneys on Panels 14-15: Three Mentally Disordered Offenders

Failure to meet the minimum qualifications within two weeks will result in your removal from the standby group and your name moved to the bottom of the inactive group..