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YCC Cadet Academy Check-In Forms and Handouts

Download and complete all forms and bring with you to the Academy check-in

Academy and New Employee Documents    
  01 BCJA Cadet Handbook Forms List    
  02 BCJA Cadet Information Sheet    
  03 BCJA Cadet Terms of Agreement      
  04 Child Abuse Reporting Agreement    
  05 Computing Technology Use Agreement    
  06 Apprenticeship Standards Packet    
  07 Station Papers A-E    
  08 Orientation to the Basic Academy Observation Checklist (facility observation)    
  09 Orientation to the BCJA: Handbook Checklist    
  11 State Employee Race/Ethnicity Questionnaire    
  12 Social Security Form    
  13 Academy Store A    
  14 Academy Store B    
  15 Tobacco Use Prohibition Updated Information    
POST Test Management and Assessment System    
  TMAS Registration Instructions    
          Register for TMAS Here    
  01 Exhibit 4 - Student Testing Contract    
  02 Exhibit 6 - Student Contract    
Policy Documents (Required Reading)    
  01 Accessories, I&C Manual, Section 2705-2750    
  02 Alcohol/Controlled Substance Usage, YAM, Section 3100    
  03 Class B Uniform-Custody, I&C Manual, Sections 2605-2635    
  04 Departmental Uniform Policy, I&C Manual, Sections 2405-2435    
  05 Employee Conduct Policy, I&C Manual, Sections 2160-2167    
  06 Optional Uniform-Custody, I&C Manual, Sections 2640-2655    
  07 Regulation Uniform-Custody, I&C Manual, Sections 2510-2555    
  08 Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy, YAM, Sections 2650-2665    
  09 Uniformed Grooming Standards, I&C Manual, Section 2828    
  10 Cadet Exam Policy and Procedure    
Directions to the Academy    
 Stockton Training Center - Google Map    

Click on file to open in a new window or "right-click" and "save target as" to download.  All files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your system, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.