Job Analysis



Date of Study: January 27, 2016 – January 29, 2016

Collective Bargaining Identification: U04

Job Analysis Conducted By: Salvador Jose, Selection Analyst, Office of Workforce Planning

Number of Incumbents: There are 17 incumbents in Office Services Supervisor I (General) classification and 1167 incumbents in the Office Services Supervisor I (Typing) per the State Controller’s Office Filled/Vacant Position Report dated February 1, 2016.


NOTE: Each position within this classification may perform some or all of these tasks.

Task Statements:

1.  Instruct staff in methods of clerical work to complete daily tasks utilizing California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 15, Department Operations Manual (DOM), DOM supplement, software programs, communication skills, etc. on an ongoing basis.

2.  Conduct staff training regarding policy and procedures to ensure compliance utilizing CCR Title 15, In-Service Training (IST) modules, DOM, DOM Supplement, etc. on an ongoing basis.

3.  Promote staff independence to ensure performance expectations are met utilizing verbal and written instructions, personal/professional goals, personal observations, CCR Title 15, etc. on an ongoing basis.

4.  Supervise staff engaging in various routine clerical duties (e.g., setting priorities, filing, copying, etc.) to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of their work by utilizing CCR Title 15, DOM, communication skills, etc. on a daily basis.

5.  Compose various documents (e.g., memorandums, reports, logs, supply orders) in order to provide information and keep accurate records utilizing computer programs, proofreading and editing skills on a regular basis.

6.  Monitor data entry work used to input and disseminate information utilizing software programs, proofreading and editing skills, basic mathematical skills, logs, manuals, etc. as required.

7.  Audit tool control log to prepare quarterly report for Investigative Services Unit (ISU) utilizing the staff report on a daily basis.

8.  Oversee the processing of incoming/outgoing mail (e.g., sorting, logging, postage and distribution) to appropriate staff and inmates utilizing CCR Title 15, DOM Supplement, Strategic Offender Management System (SOMS) and distribution lists on a daily basis.

9.  Maintain supervisory files (e.g., confidential information, Individual Development Plans IDP, disciplinary documents, IST records and duty statements) to keep accurate records on file utilizing policies and procedures as required.

10.  Oversee the process of retaining regular and legal/confidential documents to keep accurate records on file utilizing policies and procedures on a daily basis.

11.  Review files to purge outdated materials and maximize available filing space utilizing Records Retention Schedule policies and procedures as required.

12.  Respond to staff, inmates/parolees and their families or representatives, other agencies/departments, and/or the general public to resolve inquiries utilizing electronic devices and communication skills on a daily basis.

13.  Document the receipt of various funds for inmates/parolees to ensure they are forwarded to the appropriate departments utilizing logs, 10-key calculator, etc. as outlined in DOM on a daily basis.

14.  Order supplies/equipment needed to conduct official business utilizing inventories, supply catalogues, order forms and mathematical skills as needed.

15.  Initiate work orders/contracts for equipment maintenance to ensure staff has the necessary tools to complete assigned tasks utilizing institutional procedures as needed.

16.  Oversee the operation of office equipment to complete assigned duties utilizing policies and procedures on a daily basis.

17.  Supervise inmates to assist in the janitorial maintenance of the office utilizing CCR Title 15, communication skills, and departmental procedures as required.

18.  Promote Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) to maintain a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment utilizing various resources (e.g., policies, procedures, and training) on a continuous basis.

19.  Address performance deficiencies to improve staff performance/behavior by utilizing the Disciplinary Matrix as needed.

20.  Schedule/attend various meetings to exchange/discuss information on staff/inmate issues and concerns utilizing departmental resources as needed. 21. Serve as a panel member on hiring interviews to assess the suitability of potential employees utilizing communication skills, personal observation and experience as needed.

22.  Maintain records to evaluate productivity and backlog by utilizing various reports on a daily basis.

23.  Maintain confidentiality and professionalism when dealing with staff, inmates and investigations utilizing the Code of Conduct, Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) Code of Ethics etc., as mandated.

24.  Promote team building and motivate staff to maintain positive working relationships utilizing Code of Conduct, staff meetings, and effective communication on a daily basis.

25.  Manage leave requests to provide coverage ensuring institutional needs are met by utilizing written/verbal communication and departmental policy and procedures on an as needed basis.

26.  Respond to inmate requests (e.g., CDCR 22’s and GA-22’s) to resolve concerns regarding various issues utilizing departmental policies and procedures on a daily basis.

27.  Interview inmates regarding appeals (e.g., CDCR 602’s) to resolve various issues utilizing departmental policies and procedures on a continuous basis.

28.  Oversee disapproval of inmate mail (e.g. disallowed mail/magazines/ packages, etc.) to maintain institutional safety/security utilizing CDCR Form 1819, CCR Title 15, DOM, DOM Supplement, etc., on a daily basis.

29.  Ensure staff follows contraband guidelines to maintain institutional safety and security utilizing correctional awareness and institutional policies and procedures as needed.

30.  Review Employee Attendance Report/998a form to ensure accuracy utilizing departmental leave usage policy as required.

31.  Complete staff IDP and/or probation reports to ensure performance goals are met utilizing departmental guidelines as mandated.

Tasks highlighted in bold text are not currently on the SPB classification specification


NOTE: Each position within this classification may perform some or all of these KSAPCs.

Knowledge of:

K1.  Comprehensive knowledge of modern office methods (e.g., written/verbal communication and time management, etc.) to maintain and retrieve information, respond to inquiries from staff and the public, and to train staff and inmates/parolees.

K2.  Basic knowledge of office stationary to routinely inventory and maintain supply levels.

K3.  Comprehensive knowledge of operating equipment (e.g., computer software, fax/ copier/printer/scanner, etc.) to process documents and forms.

K4.  Comprehensive knowledge of business English and correspondence to accurately proofread/edit documents produced within the office environment.

K5.  Basic knowledge of the principles and techniques of effective supervision to train and direct staff.

K6.  Basic knowledge of the Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program objective to promote a positive and safe work environment.

K7.  Comprehensive knowledge of mathematical computations necessary in an office setting (e.g., various funds, leave balance, inventory, etc.) to ensure accurate records are maintained.

K8.  Basic knowledge of institutional policies and procedures to maintain safety and security for staff, inmates/parolees, and general public.

K9.  Basic knowledge of required principles of documentation to ensure accuracy.

KSAPCs highlighted in bold text are not currently on the SPB classification specification

Ability to:

A1.  Perform clerical work, including ability to spell correctly, use business English and make basic mathematical computations to maintain departmental standards.

A2.  Follow oral and written directions to carry out tasks effectively.

A3.  Evaluate situations accurately and take effective action to minimize error.

A4.  Communicate effectively at a level required for successful job performance to maximize efficiency.

A5.  Compose comprehensive reports and keep accurate documentation to convey information clearly.

A6.  Communicate effectively with staff and the general public to resolve issues.

A7.  Maintain professionalism, courtesy, and respect to all employees, inmates/parolees, the general public and outside agencies to support the department’s mission and vision.

A8.  Apply specific office policies/procedures to ensure mandated rules and regulations are followed.

A9.  Effectively plan, direct, train and supervise the work of others to ensure departmental objectives are met.

A10.  Effectively contribute to the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity objectives to promote a positive and safe working environment.

A11.  Bend, lift, carry, and stack heavy objects to perform essential job functions.

KSAPCs highlighted in bold text are not currently on the SPB classification specification