Staff Services Analyst Transfer Exam (SSATE)

This is a transfer examination for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Competition is limited to employees of CDCR who meet the requirements to laterally transfer to the SSA classification. State Personnel Board Rules 425,430-433, 435 and 444 contain general provisions for lateral transfer. The State Personnel Board released a study guide for the Staff Services Analyst (General) transfer exam. 

This guide is designed to familiarize and assist you with preparing for the SSA transfer exam. The test contains 75 multiple-choice items in three content sections: 1) Quantitative Analysis, 2) Data Analysis and Interpretation, and 3) Workload Management / Project Management. The sample questions provided in this guide are intended to give you an idea of the kinds of questions you will encounter in the written test. However, it is important to note that actual test questions may vary in format and content.    

**Electronic and hard copies of the Staff Services Analyst Transfer Exam Study Guide are available upon request. Please contact us at or 916-322-2545 for more information.**

(Apply on or before the final filing date)

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