Apply to have your program featured in CCJBH News to Know

To Our Partners in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health:

You are invited to submit an application to have one of your programs related to behavioral health and criminal justice highlighted as a promising practice in the Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (CCJBH) monthly newsletter, CCJBH News to Know.  CCJBH was established in October 2001 to investigate and promote cost-effective approaches to meeting the long-term needs of adults and juveniles with mental health challenges who are likely to become offenders or who have a history of offending. You can learn more about CCJBH by visiting our website at

The goal behind featuring promising practices in CCJBH News to Know is to highlight achievements and positive approaches to addressing the needs of youth and adults living with behavioral health challenges within California who are justice involved or at risk of becoming justice involved. The newsletter also inform others about the effective and impactful practices pertaining to behavioral health, what barriers have been overcome, and what successes are being gained within the communities. We intend to feature a different program each month.

To be featured as a promising practice, a program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Collaborative in nature
    • Collaborative partners/providers support program goals
  2. Demonstrates Impact
    • Program is monitored for effectiveness and impact
  3. Relevant to CCJBH
    • Program’s objectives are aligned with CCJBH’s objectives, mission, and/or vision
      • The leaders in criminal justice and mental health participating in this effort strive to end the criminalization of individuals with behavioral health challenges by supporting proven strategies that promote:
        1. Early intervention
        2. Access to effective treatments
        3. Planned re-entry
        4. Preservation of public safety.
      • Prevent criminal involvement (initial and recidivism).
      • Improve behavioral health services.
      • Identify incentives to encourage state and local criminal justice, juvenile justice, and behavioral health programs to adopt approaches that work.
  1. Making a difference
    • Program promotes the values of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) which include recovery and wellness orientation, client and family driven services, cultural competency, services designed to meet unique needs across the lifespan, and data driven strategies
    • Program targets the unique needs of at-risk or justice involved youth and adults with innovation
    • Program builds upon best practices to improve outcomes for at-risk or justice involved youth and adults

To apply to be featured in CCJBH’s monthly newsletter, complete the Program Highlight Application and submit it to Sheron Wright at Selected applicants will receive notification of their selection before the newsletter is published. Thank you for your time, effort, and interest in promoting effective programming in our state.