Job Openings at the Office of Youth and Community Restoration (OYCR)

The OYCR, within the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS), has a mission to promote trauma responsive, culturally informed services for youth involved in the youth justice system as they transition from the State to county-base care, custody, and supervision per the implementation of Senate Bill 823.

New positions at the OYCR have been posted. For a sense of how these positions fit within the OYCR, please consult the May 2021 Budget Change Proposal. The positions listed below were opened for applications through February 1st.

Stay tuned for additional job postings, including for the Ombuds unit and the Research and Policy unit.

Juvenile Justice Realignment Block Grant Plans

SB 823 requires that counties submit their first annual Juvenile Justice Realignment Block Grant plan by January 1, 2022. All counties have submitted their plans to the OYCR. The OYCR recognizes the extensive work invested in producing these plans, including substantial participation by community members and appreciate the leadership of the County Probation Officers and critical participation of all community members and stakeholders. The OYCR is in the process of developing a plan review process which will eventually be led by their County Coordination Unit (see links above to these positions). Further information on the timeline for the review, revision, final acceptance, and posting of the plans will be provided by OYCR in the coming weeks.

Engaging with Committee Members and Stakeholders

The OYCR looks forward to meeting with everyone who has been involved in creating and advising the OYCR to get their input on the Office and on the implementation of SB 823 and SB 92. These meetings are a key priority in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to email the OYCR email box ( and/or Alisa ( with any questions, comments, or feedback.