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Interactive Data Points Report Now Available Online

The Office of Research (OR) has released the CDCR Offender Data Points (ODP) Dashboard.
This dashboard replaces the traditional ODP report, which included a hard-copy report and a PDF version available on the CDCR website. The report was only produced twice a year. As such, in an effort to provide more current data related to CDCR’s incarcerated and parolee population, OR developed the ODP Public Data Dashboard. This dashboard reflects virtually all of the data points included in the traditional ODP report such as gender, age, ethnicity, sex registration, sentencing details, California Static Risk Assessment Score, mental health designation, admissions, releases and parole.

Additionally, the ODP Public Data Dashboard offers features such as date filtering options, interactive maps, trend indicators and charts, and tool-tips containing pertinent information about the data. The ODP Public Data Dashboard also provides end-users with current data as early as prior month-end, which includes data for year-to-date along with two full prior calendar years in one environment.
For questions or to provide feedback, please contact the CDCR Office of Research’s Data Concierge Service Team at