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Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) Funding for the CalAIM Justice‑Involved Initiative

On April 15, DHCS released a draft guidance memo for Round 1 of the Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) Justice-Involved Capacity Building Program. This draft guidance provides additional information regarding the eligibility criteria, application process, and funding methodology.

PATH is a $1.44 billion program approved under CalAIM. It provides transitional funding to invest in providers, counties, community-based organizations, and other partners to support the state’s efforts to maintain, build, and scale the capacity necessary to support and implement key initiatives under CalAIM.

California received expenditure authority to support implementation of the statewide justice-involved initiative. Funding for the PATH Justice-Involved Capacity Building Program will support collaborative planning as well as information technology (IT) system modifications necessary to implement pre-release Medi-Cal application and suspension processes. This program will provide $151 million in funding, made available in two rounds, to correctional agencies, correctional institutions, and county social service departments:

Round 1: A planning grant funding opportunity will provide grants (ranging from $50,000 to $400,000) to correctional agencies (or a county agency applying on behalf of a correctional agency) to support collaborative planning with county departments of social services and other enrollment implementation partners to identify processes, protocols, and IT modifications that are necessary to support implementation of pre-release enrollment and suspension processes.

Round 2: An implementation grant funding opportunity will provide application-based grants (range to be determined) to support correctional agencies and county departments of social services as they implement the processes, protocols, and IT system modifications that were identified during the Round 1 planning phase. While entities do not need to participate in Round 1 in order to apply for Round 2 funding, the Round 1 planning grant funds offer an opportunity to support the development of a comprehensive application for Round 2 funding.

DHCS intends to release the final Round 1 application template in early May. Eligible entities will be able to apply for Round 1 funding from the time the application template is released until July 31. DHCS intends to distribute Round 1 funding as soon as June 1.

For questions or comments, please email For additional information, please visit the DHCS website.