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DHCS Reestablishment of American Indian Health Policy Panel (AIHPP)

In accordance with the DHCS Tribal Engagement Plan, DHCS is reestablishing the AIHPP as an advisory body to provide advice on the Indian Health Program on the level of resources, priorities, criteria, and guidelines necessary to implement programs that impact the health status of American Indians and their families. The AIHPP is authorized in Health and Safety Code Section 124595 and requires nomination of members by the California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc. (CRIHB) and the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health, Inc. (CCUIH), and two-at large representatives. DHCS distributed requests for nominations on October 3 to CRIHB and CCUIH. DHCS will release an announcement for membership applications for the at-large Indian health program representatives by October 14, 2022.