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Forensic Mental Health Association of California: Suicide Assessment Through a Correctional Lens

When: February 6, 2023, from 9:00 AM – 4:15 PM

Description: This suicide Assessment training is designed for those working in forensic mental health settings such as jails, prisons, probation or parole agencies or those providing services to forensic clients. The trainers have expertise in both mental health and correctional settings and can provide a unique understanding of working with this population. This training will review the basics of risk assessment, the differences between a screening assessment and full evaluation, and several methods to come to a judgment of risk. Differences in approach between in-custody settings and post-release supervision will be highlighted. Drawing from the research literature on the treatment of suicidal individuals, the trainers will present an introduction to safety/treatment planning for suicidal individuals including chain analysis of suicidal ideation, lethal means counseling, safety planning interventions and empirically-based treatments.

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