Contact Info

3339 County Road 307, Elk Creek, CA 95939
PH: (530) 968-5107

CDCR Camp Staff

  • Lt. B. Ingwerson Camp Commander
  • Sgt G. Brackett
  • Sgt. M. Flowerdew
  • C/O P. Garbutt
  • C/O K. Silva
  • C/O C. Gonzalez
  • C/O W. Pine
  • C/O D. Marsala
  • C/O K. Loftin
  • C/O C. Verge
  • C/O K. Stiles


  • R. Sonsteng, Division Chief
  • S. Klien, Fire Captain
  • J. Gowan, Fire Captain
  • J. Hannan, Fire Captain
  • T. Pederson, Fire Captain
  • C. Triggs, Fire Captain
  • B. Harrington, Fire Captain
  • K. Tooker, Fire Captain
  • Zuckerman, Fire Captain
  • S. Chapman, Fire Captain
  • D. Campbell, Fire Captain
  • J. Goldman, Fire Captain
  • Calvert, Fire Captain
  • D. Oylear, Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • T. Nolan, Office Tech
  • Vacant / WASPO

Facts and figures

CDCR Staff: 11
Cal Fire Staff: 16
Total # Inmates: 120

Camp Products

Valley View camp silkscreens nomex and t-shirts for Cal-Fire, CDCR and other local agencies. The screen/sticker shop makes decals and signs for government agencies.

Community service projects

  1. Clearing brush from the sides of the roads for visibility and safety
  2. Cleaning out drainages during summer months so water flows freely
  3. Paint firehouses, as well as local schools during the off seasons
  4. Clearing brush from populated areas for protection from wild land fires
  5. Inmates build hobby craft items to be actioned or donated to local charities

Camp History

Valley View Conservation Camp began its history in 1988 when the California Department of Forestry and fire protection or (Cal-Fire ) became interested in this property in establishing a Conservation Camp.
The property is located approximately 45 minutes west of Willows California deep in the Mendicino National Forest. Valley View Conservation Camp is an interracial part of the surrounding community. There ongoing partnership with the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation, allows them to serve as a vital part in fire suppression and beautification of the Glenn and Tehama Counties.

Inmate Programs

Valley View Camp has an active alcohol and narcotics organization meeting regularly with an onsite sponsor and continual classes are being given to encourage complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol.