Daily Population Programming

Phase I

  • Yard/provision of meals within the same housing unit.  
  • Showers allowed with cleaning between uses.  
  • Dayroom access within the same living quarters.  
  • Law library: Paging only. Recreational reading books made available to incarcerated people in housing units; access to assistive devices provided in libraries or housing units, as resources are available.  
  • Phone calls allowed with staggered schedules and cleaning between uses. 
  • Mental Health referrals and routine appointments conducted cell-front.  
  • Mental Health and Nursing may provide in-cell activities and packet programming. 

Phase II 

  • Yard/provision of meals accessed within the same facility.  
  • Showers provided and cleaned on a designated cleaning schedule. 
  • Increase dayroom access to include more participants and/or hours.  
  • Normal library and law library access resumes with required physical distancing and facial coverings. 
  • Mental Health services, including groups, where physical distancing can be maintained.  

Phase III 

  • Normal institutional programming, with ongoing COVID-19 precautions.