Required COVID‑19 facial coverings for all institutional and facility staff

This memorandum updates expectations and requirements outlined in previous memoranda regarding the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically facial coverings, at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) institutions and facilities. All employees, contractors and visitors entering CDCR institutions and facilities shall abide by the procedures outlined in this memorandum.

Effective immediately, all unvaccinated or partially vaccinated employees, contractors, and visitors working, visiting, or performing duties in a CDCR institution/facility shall wear an N95 mask while on CDCR institution/facility grounds and follow current testing directives. These requirements also apply to unvaccinated or partially vaccinated employees and contractors who have a pending or approved request for religious accommodation or reasonable accommodation for qualifying medical reason(s) for the COVID-19 vaccine, and those pending any disciplinary action.

All fully-vaccinated employees, contractors, and visitors shall wear at least a procedure mask while on CDCR institution/facility grounds, unless an N95 mask is required pursuant to CCR Title 8, Section 5199 or the July 26, 2021 CDPH Order.

Exceptions to N95 and/or procedure masking requirements apply as follows:

  1. While actively eating or drinking, if a minimum of six feet of physical distance is maintained from all other individuals.
  2. When alone in an office with the door closed.
  3. When alone in a tower or enclosed control booth with no other individuals present.
  4. When outdoors, if a minimum of six feet of physical distance is maintained from all other individuals. An appropriate mask shall be kept on person at all times and shall be worn walking or standing within six feet of others.

As a reminder, leadership at each institution shall continue to monitor staff for compliance with face coverings, physical distancing and mandatory COVID-19 testing. Supervisors and managers shall utilize the progressive discipline process as outlined in the Department Operations Manual (DOM), Article 22, Employee Discipline, in addressing staff who fail to comply with these directives. Supervisors and managers are also reminded to utilize DOM Section 33030.8, Causes for Corrective Action, and Section 33030.9, Causes for Adverse Action.

For questions or concerns, please contact your respective supervisor or manager.