Realignment/Closure of Division of Juvenile Justice

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SB 823 transfers responsibility for managing all youthful offenders from the State to local jurisdictions, a process known as Realignment.

SB 92 sets a defined closure date of June 30, 2023 for all DJJ facilities. This builds on the Administration’s commitment to providing more treatment and rehabilitative services for youth closer to home.

Under 2020-21 Budget Trailer Bill SB 92, commitments of new juvenile offenders ended July 1, 2021.

DJJ is implementing the phased closure of its facilities. The decision to close certain housing units or entire facilities will be driven by several factors, including attrition trends, categories of juvenile offenders, and available staffing and program resources.

Throughout this Realignment process, DJJ is committed to supporting our staff and continuing to serve the youth under our care by providing programs for successful reentry into the community.

Despite the transition, the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp in Amador County will remain open through a state-local partnership, via contractual arrangement, to train justice-involved youth in wildland firefighting skills. As of January 2023, management of Pine Grove has been transferred to CDCR’s Division of Adult Institutions.

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